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PLYR Testimonials


"The development at TBJ is second to none. Not only did I improve in the physical side of the game, but the way I think about the game has also changed. We put a lot of time into the mental side of hockey, and I feel that has made the most difference in my hockey ability. I’m a faster hockey player now than I was before the season. This is rare because normally I slow down before the end of the year, but our sprint work and training made us faster hockey players. The team was very close as well. I have never been with a tighter group of hockey players, and I feel it showed on the ice. It’s a year I’ll never forget, filled with memories of lifelong friends."
-Grant Parshall Fwd 2024

"Having committed to Liberty, I saw TBJ as an opportunity to improve in skill and speed.  Even though my time there was short I saw noticeable gains in my speed and hands, which is a big emphasis of the program.  I can't wait to start at Liberty and use all the things I learned to continue to get better.  I am extremely grateful for the opportunities given to me in Tampa."
-Nate Albers Fwd 2021

"Over my career with the Tampa Bay Juniors, the coaching and atmosphere was unmatched.  TBJ has been my home the past 5 years and has helped me develop into the player and person I am today.  Even as I look forward into the future, I will always remember and cherish the memories and relationships I've built within the organization."
"I want too thank my coaches, Brett, Garrett,and Rett for making my junior career exceptional!!
-Dan Duncan Def 2015-2020

"I couldn’t have asked for a better experience going and playing in Tampa Bay for Coach Strot.  Going there from Minnesota was awesome because who doesn’t want to go to the rink in shorts and flip-flops and not having to deal with the cold? Being in that program is one of the best places to develop as a hockey player from all the facilities to the dedication of all the coaches to all the unique teachings the coaches implement in our games.” 
“We had all the tools we needed to succeed and be a better hockey player, and it gets you ready for the next level of hockey, regardless of what level it’s at.  Any player who plays there will leave Tampa a way better hockey player than from where they started.  One of the best decisions I made for my hockey career!
-Garrett Sandberg Def 2019-20

"Playing in Tampa the last two years has been an incredible experience. The training facilities, off ice workouts, and the coaches gave me every opportunity to succeed as a player and living at Saddlebrook made life off the ice fun.  I can't thank my coaches enough for making these last two years great!  The memories I've made in Florida will last a lifetime!"
-Sebastian Vaillancourt Def 2017-19

"I'm so thankful for all of my Tampa Juniors Teammates and coaching staff that helped me become a better goalie and teammate.  With TBJ, I was able to work on my game daily with goalie coach Glen Murphy and make sure I was ready and confident for every game.  I also cannot thank coach Strot and coach Vossler enough for how much they have helped me all season long!  I'm honored to have spent my last year of Juniors with such a great organization and wish TBJ the best of luck in the coming years!
-Connor Green Goalie 2018-19

"Thank you to the Tampa Bay Juniors for an amazing season and year! I would like to thank my coach, Garrett Strot, for everything he has done for me including the incredible patience and training it took me to get back on top of my game.  The training and structure of the Tampa Bay Juniors has allowed me to improve my game in all categories and has helped me compete at my highest level.  I want to thank TBJ for a great season!"
-Tyler Schaeffer Fwd 2018-19

"TBJ was the best four years of my life that people said high school was supposed to be.  I made lifelong friends every year.  The speed training I received helped me develop an efficient stride.  My biggest takeaway from my time with TBJ was the mental training.  It led to me conquering anxiety that was not only hindering my performance on ice but also my life outside of hockey.  I am grateful for my time at TBJ and the opportunity to play at the college level it led me to."
-Ethan Chadwell  Fwd 2015-2019

"I loved my time here in Tampa and playing for TBJ, It's a different environment with the off ice training and the great facility we have.  Just the whole experience playing in Tampa was awesome!"
-Parker Elvy  Fwd 2016-18

"My time with the TBJ organization changed my life.  I'm so grateful of coaches Garrett and Brett Strot and Rett Vossler for helping shape me into who I am now and coach Glenn Murphy for helping me bring my game to another level."
-Perry Giannino  Goalie 2016-18

"It's been an incredible experience.  The sprint training and skill work the coaches implement has really helped me to improve my overall game as a defenseman.  I can't thank the coaches enough for helping me to develop into the player I am today.  I'll miss coming to the rink in Tampa but I look forward to my next four years at MSOE."
-Ryan Vlaisavljevich Def 2016-18

“Playing in Tampa the last two years has been the best years of my life.  If I was a high school player looking for a place to play juniors, I wouldn’t think twice about going and playing for TBJ.  They have some of the best facilities in all of junior hockey and who doesn’t want to go to the rink in shorts and flip flops every day!”
-Curtis Hansen Fwd 2016-18

"I want to thank the Tampa Bay Juniors.  Playing for TBJ has been the best 2 years of my life.  I'm glad I chose to come to Florida to develop as a player.  I loved the training and the top notch facilities."
-Jory McWiliams  Fwd 2016-18

"Playing for the Tampa Bay Juniors was great for my development as a player and a person.  The experienced coaching staff and exceptional facilities made it a memorable year for me and helped me get to the next level."
-Christian Louria  Def 2017-18

"My two years playing in Tampa was a great experience, from the amazing facilities and living arrangements to the great coaching and training I was given every opportunity to improve as both a hockey player and a person.  I can't thank the coaches enough for everything they've done."
-Peter Celatka  Fwd 2016-18