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Hockey International

Hockey International - The ENGINE Behind TBJr Training

Hockey International Home Page

Visit Hockey International's website to review our training program concepts and methods.

Testing and Trianing

Is the backbone of the Tampa Bay Juniors hockey program.  This is a scientific training program based on many of the principles and concepts behind the 1980 US Olympic team.  

In just a few short years we've already helped players attain their dreams of college hockey as shown on our home page.  

Here is the vision statement for Hockey International and a few short videos of some of our off-ice training.


Hockey International VISION Statement

Hockey International strives to cultivate and nurture the individual talents of each athlete as they discover their path to success.

Our programs are designed to start players on the right path to becoming an elite hockey player capable of exceling and achieving their goals.

Our developmental techniques train the mind, body, and senses, insuring the player can compete mentally, physically, and instinctively like the great ones of our time.